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Lady Musgrave Island and Lagoon is the only Island and lagoon
combined in the outer Great Barrier Reef where the big vessels enter the Lagoon.
It's a true coral cay on the Outer Southern Great Barrier Reef.

Travel in true comfort aboard the ‘MV Lady Musgrave’ or the ‘ MV Spirit of 1770'.
MV 'Discovereef' and other vessels.
Lady Musgrave National Park is a tropical paradise abundant in
Pisonia forests and bird life. The island is set on 3000 acres of
living reef with a deepwater coral lagoon which is unique to the entire
Great Barrier Reef region. One big big swimming pool.

Our vessels enter the calm waters of the lagoon. This provides a
protected haven for all age groups to explore the wonders of a
living reef eco-system and the colourful variety of marine life all in one great day!

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Lady Musgrave Cruises and
1770 Great BarrierReef Cruises both trade as Lady Musgrave Cruises

RESERVATIONS: 07 4974 9077
FREECALL: 1800 63 1770


PMB 4, Miriam Vale Post Office, Miriam Vale, Queensland, Australia 4677

1770 Marina Captain Cook Drive, Seventeen-Seventy

Email: info@lmcruises.com.au

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